Where should keywords be placed on the site?


The success or failure of its promotion (promotion) in search engines largely depends on how correctly you place keywords on the pages of the site. On each web page, there are 5 elements where you need to place keywords to improve the current position of the resource. Let's consider them in more detail:

1. Page title (title tag)
The title is one of the most important elements of a web page. The title tag is used by search engines to collect information about a resource and determine its subject matter. In addition, the title is used as the title of the page in the search results (SERP) and when adding it to the browser's Favorites.

2. Keywords of the page (keywords meta tag)
This tag is optional, but it should be noted that some search engines pay attention to the meta tag to determine the subject of the site. Keywords must be entered in the keywords meta tag separated by commas in descending order of their importance.

3. Description of the page (description meta tag)
Search engines parse the description meta tag to see if it contains keywords and compare its content to the textual content of the resource itself. The content of the description meta tag briefly describes the content of the web page and is used as its description in the search results.

4. Text for images (Alt tag)
This tag describes the contents of the image in text form. This means that if for some reason the image with alt text is not loaded, then the text specified in the tag will be displayed instead of the image. If the image is loaded, we will be able to see the alternative text when hovering the mouse over the image. The Alt tag is not only user-friendly, but also indexed by search robots, which is why the use of keywords is so important.

5. Web page content (body tag)
The body tag is the most basic element of a website. The content of this tag is most interesting to site visitors. When it comes to search engines, it's not just the right keyword density within the body tag that can put a site in the top positions in search results. It is very important that each page of the site that you promote is as relevant as possible to a specific search query.

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