Who is to blame for an ineffective advertising campaign: the customer or the agency?


Кто виноват в неэффективной рекламной кампании заказчик или агентство

Contextual advertising is able to quickly bring users interested in buying a product or service to the site. However, not all campaigns are equally successful, and customers are satisfied. A huge number of clicks to the site is not a guarantee of sales growth. What's the catch? In the incompetence of the customer or the studio?

Why are there no sales?

The effectiveness of contextual advertising depends on the client's website, the level of service and the marketing strategy of his company. Of course, the influence of these factors can be both positive and negative.

Advertised site

Negative influence positive impact
Complicated and long order forms, no search on the site, inconvenient navigation, blank product pages, no guarantees and certificates, no delivery information. Convenient site structure, working search and numerous filters for products in the catalog. Simple and quick online ordering and the ability to purchase without registration - with the help of a callback. Bright, high-quality and detailed photos of the goods.
There are no promotions, discounts or special offers to motivate the site visitor to make a purchase. A site with constantly updated promotions, information about discounts and sales leaders, special thematic offers for the holidays.
Unstructured boring text without a motivating component and a description of the properties of a product or service. An attractive text for both potential customers and search engines with a concise and simple description of the benefits of the product and a call to action.

Service level

Negative influence positive impact
A potential client will learn about the absence of goods in the warehouse only after talking with the manager by phone. The site contains only products in stock or products under the order are marked with text indicating the delivery time.
Employees are impolite, have little information about the product, and are poorly informed about the activities of the company. There is no well-thought-out algorithm for the answer. Speech patterns have been worked out for most situations. Motivation of employees by the percentage of sales made.
Managers do not answer calls, or pick up the phone after 5 rings. Almost instantaneous speed of response to all calls from potential customers.

Marketing strategy of the company

Negative influence positive impact
Uncompetitive prices. For the advertising campaign, goods with a promotional value or those that favorably differ in price from the products of colleagues in the market were selected.
There are no discount systems, there are no clearly described advantages of the product, the uniqueness of the trade offer is not disclosed. The customer sees no benefit in making a purchase from this particular company. A well-established scheme for a tempting presentation of the product. Methodical analysis of competitors and target audience is carried out regularly.
There is no clear brand positioning and company development strategy. Clear positioning of the company, planning ways and methods of business development and expansion. Impeccable reputation on the Internet: productive work with reviews (SERM), a positive image of the company in social networks.

Responsibilities of the agency and the client

An advertising professional is obliged to share his authoritative opinion about the client's resource and predict the effectiveness of advertising in search engines for a particular client.

Before discussing keywords, ads, and landing pages, a manager should:

  • inquire about the features and competitive advantages of a product or service;
  • find out the goals of the business;
  • discuss customer expectations from the advertising campaign;
  • conduct a superficial analysis of the usability of the resource;
  • site design assessment;
  • learn about previous advertising campaigns.

There are three possible scenarios for the development of events:

  1. the site is ready to launch contextual advertising, the campaign will provide the desired result;
  2. the resource needs preparatory measures; without their implementation, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be significantly reduced;
  3. to achieve the agreed goal, other types of advertising are better suited.

A representative of the agency, who is really interested in the success of the campaign, will give recommendations on how to improve the client's resource and increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

However, the lion's share of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the customer. It is worth soberly assessing one’s own abilities, what worked for the “neighbor” will not necessarily turn into a benefit for any other businessman.

The client will need:

  • a clear understanding of the goals of the future advertising campaign;
  • a detailed description of the benefits, unique offers and promotions held by the company;
  • information about the specifics of the company's work (seasonal business, quality certificates, honorary awards, market experience) and additional services (delivery conditions, discount systems).

Client and agency - effective interaction

Guaranteed success of an advertising campaign is possible only under the condition of bilateral cooperation.

Результативное взаимодействие клиента и агентства

  1. Do not neglect personal meetings, if possible, set aside a couple of hours for a face-to-face meeting before signing the contract. Live communication can reveal a lot about your future business partner.
  2. Provide agency managers with as much information as possible. Based on product and company data, specialists will be able to highlight the strengths of your business and build an effective advertising campaign.
  3. Take an active part in the process. Timely provided detailed information from the customer and agency reports will ensure maximum results.
  4. The client should have access to weekly progress reports from agency managers. By constantly monitoring the process, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and, if necessary, change the strategy.

Follow our simple recommendations, and contextual advertising will make a significant contribution to increasing your company's income.

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