Why a good website is not cheap?


Very often in our work we encounter client objections regarding the price of the site. Someone thinks that the site should be cheap, because there are similar offers on the market, someone just wants to get a 20%, 50% discount, etc. So why isn't a good website cheap? Let's find out!

Everyone knows that there is such a thing as the cost of a product. The cost of the site is primarily the salary of the company's employees who participate in the process of creating the site. It is also a well-known fact that professional work costs an order of magnitude more than the work of an amateur or beginner. Translating this into the plane of creating a site, we can say that the creation of a site by highly paid and, accordingly, highly qualified employees is an order of magnitude more expensive than in the case of site development by beginners or a familiar student.

Think for yourself what are the qualifications of those site builders who offer a site for 1000 - 2000 UAH?

And, you know, more than a dozen clients have already come to us with such a site and a request to redo something. As a rule, this situation ends with the choice of the client to order the creation of a site from scratch, because. the number of shortcomings and problems that take place is easier to fix in this way than by revision.

We don't make cheap websites. The price of our sites is objective and corresponds to the high quality of our products.

The choice is always with the client. But, do not forget that the miser pays twice!

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