Why do you need a website


Nowadays, when the Internet has become widespread and new sites are created every second, there are many misconceptions and misconceptions about creating a site .

More and more people are asking questions: why do you need a website? do you need a website? what do you need to create a website?

1: Every company needs a website

It is important to understand that having your own website is a form of marketing that not every company needs. Your company needs a website if :

  • Your customers are looking for the services you offer on the Internet
  • Your competitors have their own websites and they are doing better than yours
  • If your regular customers get most of their information about your products and services from other sources (newspapers and magazines, trade shows or other marketing media), then you should concentrate your efforts in these areas.
  • You need a website urgently if your products/services can be sold without being tied to your location - for example, if you have a bookstore and can deliver books throughout the country, then you need to think about creating a website • A website helps you achieve your marketing goals and budgetYour website should be an integral part of marketing planning and budgeting. It is important to have constant information about all the tools you use.
  • The Internet can be more effective than other marketing options. The Internet can give your customers immediate access to information that would otherwise take days or weeks to obtain. For example, a photographer who lists their portfolio on their own website on the Internet can direct potential clients to their site instead of incurring the cost of mailing the portfolio to each client. You need to make a website if the stakes on information are high: Your company has a cumbersome product catalog that is not easy to deliver to each client, and without viewing the catalog, the client simply will not order the goods.
  • You pay constant attention to the site The site needs constant attention . Do you want it to contain fresh data? Can you update content every month? Do you have the time and funds to maintain it properly? If you don't want to do it yourself, you must hire someone to do it for you. Otherwise, your efforts to create a site will be wasted.

2: The site automatically levels the odds between small businesses and the biggest competitors

Yes, a professional looking website can make a small business look bigger than it really is. But without effective design and professional manufacturing, a site can actually make you look less competent than you are and create competitive problems.

You need to create a website to declare your experience. By sharing your knowledge, you can establish yourself as an expert, attract customers and interest them in your products or services. Remember also that your site needs a simple and catchy .

Another trap to watch out for is the use of technology for technology's sake. Using the latest technology just because it seems "cool" can actually work against you. Here's an example: A consulting firm's homepage shows a popular counter that tells you how many visitors have visited the page. Unfortunately, it also reports low site traffic, and therefore makes you wonder if the information you are getting is accurate or rigged. Without the counter, you might be reading the content without paying attention.

3: You need to make a website, and people will flock to your company

Don't expect people to find your site on their own. You need website promotion .

You need to register the site in the search engines Google, Yandex, Yahoo. Exchange information and mutual promotion with non-competitive businesses that have services or products that complement yours. Send an email to the webmaster of the site you wish to contact and offer to establish a relationship. Be sure to list in your message the mutual benefits of creating this connection. Services such as Link Exchange allow you to exchange information with other business entities, allowing you to advertise yourself in direct proportion to the amount of other people's advertising that you place on your site.

It is necessary to pay attention to the mention of the Internet address of your site in all office documentation. Place your website address on all ads, brochures, on your business cards and letterhead. Include it in your email signature file so that customers can automatically navigate from your message to your website.

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