Why is infographics important?

Почему важна инфографика

The world of Internet marketing is progressively gaining momentum, growing and getting stronger, thanks to new projects and campaigns. Today it is necessary to stand firmly on one's feet, so that tomorrow one does not get lost in this swift stream. Every day, marketers conduct analyzes and explore the soil of the web industry. The specialists of our web studio continue to share their own experience and advice, talk about modern tools designed for holistic growth, and improve the quality of sales.

Today, let's take a look at a recent phenomenon called "infographics". Surely you have heard and, I am sure, seen attractive informational pictures with funny statistics, survey results or experiments. Scientific sources say that infographics are a way of presenting data, and we will give an example from our own experience and talk about how a picture with text can help a site conquer the top of web resources.

Distinctive advantages

What do you like more: reading or watching photos or videos? Of course, when information is presented in the form of a ton of dry text, it becomes more difficult to perceive it. Unless the author is a master of red words, he writes in such a way that you read excitedly. But, unfortunately, now such people are worth their weight in gold and are quite rare, especially on the Internet. Therefore, sometimes a picture or video helps our mind to better understand, so to speak, pass through the necessary information. This is where infographics come to the rescue. It became possible to present information in an easy-to-understand format. Let's take a look at the main advantages of infographics.

  • Ease of perception. It is known that 80% of all information a person perceives visually.
  • Brevity and conciseness. The ability to mark accents on the necessary facts or events.
  • Space saving. Often, every centimeter of a web resource page is expensive. Readers are too lazy to re-read the text and leave for another resource without satisfying their requests.
  • The ability to present serious information in an entertaining way. Agree, sometimes statistics are so chaotic and cumbersome that it literally blows up consciousness. Now that's behind us - a color chart with bright segments looks much more attractive than a page of text.
  • Relevance and progressiveness. Here we will not remind the obvious, everyone is aware that the world is driven by progress. The rapid development of technology requires innovation and creativity.

Varieties of infographics

Today we will not get carried away with “cell division” and highlight all possible options for subsections of infographics. It is enough to remember three main categories: dynamic, statistical and analytical infographics.

If the statistical infographic contains more statistics, tables with data, then the dynamic one can include "live" diagrams, charts, graphs. Moving elements with rich colors, videos, animated inserts, 3D graphics, presentations - everything that can be a fruit of your imagination.

Analytical infographics - used for a beautiful presentation of dependencies, patterns, correlations. You can focus on this or that object or fact without any problems and unnecessary arguments. For example, show sales activity over the past six months, taking into account the peaks of growth and decline, indicate the factors that influenced this.

Infographics and social networks

Active users of social networks appreciate short, meaningful and entertaining information blocks. Here we are exactly at the right place! There is no better way to show a company's five-year growth, with step-by-step results and accomplishments, than with an infographic. To entertain the audience and attract attention, to stand out in the social mass - these are the main goals of infographics in social networks. What infographics should be posted on social networks:

  • target, thematic, equivalent to the interests of the audience;
  • structured;
  • bright, attractive;
  • entertaining.

Brevity is the soul of wit. This is exactly the topic of our today's article. There are a lot of different ideas for attracting an audience with the help of interesting infographics. Want to move up the ladder of progress - do not limit yourself to outdated frameworks. Take the initiative, experiment, be bright and colorful - like modern infographics, and then success will not pass you by.

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