Work on website design: how to give an objective assessment of your product?



Few things can make us feel uncomfortable. One of them is an objective critique of one's work. However, this should not be avoided. On the contrary, a critical analysis of design is necessary in order to identify new points of view, to ask the right questions. Only then will we get the whole product.

The modern design process involves collaboration. Now no one is closed in his hole for a couple of months, then to give the result. On the contrary, successful design is the process of creation when there are several opinions, ideas, points of view. And critical analysis is a great opportunity to bring all these ideas and points of view together.

Working on design and not having feedback from outside, it is difficult to find flaws in your own work. However, there are many ways to criticize your work. The best option is to break it down into several steps and stop at the right moments to analyze each step taken. At least it's better than redoing everything later.

How to do your job better? Read the rules below.

Rule 1: Be trendy

rules 1 Open a couple of successful projects and compare yours with them. Being in trend means not only understanding what is fashionable, but also what the solution should be in order for the product to work. Communicate with the authors of such works, view their portfolio. If you understand the essence of design, the project will be successful.

Rule 2: Think through the questions

rules 2 Think about what questions a buyer might have when they see your work. Take care to eliminate misunderstandings on his part.

If you're working on your own, stop occasionally to get an overall picture of the project. It will take about 5 minutes and will clearly show which (or which) parts of the project still need explanations. Having finalized these parts, you can return to further work on the project.

Express explanations with design, not words. Remember that it is through design that your client communicates with buyers.

Rule 3: Target Audience

tselevaya-auditoriya Imagine yourself as a person using your product. Track his thought process and perhaps you will see the details that were missed.

If there is little time and a limited budget, come up with several such personalities from different areas. These imaginary critics will accompany you from project to project.

Rule 4: Seek Outside Opinions

It's great to see how people use your product. In fact, you can easily test your work among such people. Transfer the layout to some gadget and, having come to the event, show it and find out the opinion of people. It will take at least a minute, so you are unlikely to bother anyone.

Rule 5: Use online feedback

pravilo5 Again, if you are working on a project on your own, by yourself, so to speak, take advantage of the opinions of people by posting the project on Behance or Dribbble.

Criticism is useful when appropriate conclusions are drawn. Try to disassemble the project in parts, so as not to redo everything later. The best designers use the team's input to make their designs even better. Make your design understandable to people. Find mistakes and fix them. This will make your work even more in demand in the market.

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