Lunch delivery website

About the client: Dobra Kitchen lunch delivery service.

Task: to create a convenient service for a lunch delivery service.

The emphasis is on the main page, where the client can quickly get acquainted with the menu for the working week and just as quickly place an order for the desired dishes.

Сайт доставки обедов

In the upper right corner is placed a counter counting the time until the end of the order.

Разработка дизайна страницы Отзывы

The site has a customer reviews section, which is especially important for this business area, as well as a news page where interesting recipes, information about promotions, and interesting facts from the culinary world can be published.

Создание раздела Новости

An unusual bonus of this online store is an online broadcast from a webcam installed in the kitchen of a lunch delivery service. Customers can observe what products are used and under what conditions they are prepared.

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