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Светлое будущее SEO

With the fact that SEO has not died and is not going to die, most have long reconciled themselves, and we wrote about this a year ago. It's time to talk about trends and upcoming changes in the professional life of SEOs. What is new, old, outlandish in store for the area of website promotion in the near future?


There is an opinion that brand building is even more important for a website than SEO. Actually, it's not all that trivial. If the resource is misinterpreted by search engines and cannot be indexed, then no brand building will help. However, activities aimed at brand promotion indirectly affect SEO, as search engines take into account more and more factors every year. Among them:

  • advertising;
  • media;
  • content;
  • recognition;
  • social networks * and much more.

*The last point, according to Western experts, is especially important for creating optimal content - a truly interesting target audience.

Building a strong brand has a lot in common with the goals and preferences of SEO. It is based on the "turtle and three whales."

  1. stable associations. After visiting the site, users should form an integral, unique image of the company, which cannot be confused with anything else. At the same time, it is necessary to use not only a spectacular design, but also an effective filling of the resource. Узнаваемость сайта
  2. Trust . A high-quality site, an impeccable reputation, excellent site content - all this should cause only positive emotions among users. Доверие посетителей сайта
  3. Engagement . Use the most effective internet marketing tools to reach your target visitors as much as possible.
  4. Regular customers . To maintain interest among users who once ordered a product, there are a lot of tricks and tricks , but without a loyal attitude of the company, a competitive price and constant improvement in product quality, even they will not help.

In addition to the activities listed above, which rather indirectly affect search engine promotion, there are purely SEO trends.

  1. Positions are not an indicator . It is almost impossible to refuse this criterion for evaluating the quality of work of optimizers, especially for clients. Pros have long understood that search traffic should be considered holistically, given the many factors that shaped it.
  2. A myriad of site evaluation criteria. When ranking, search engines take into account many indicators that until recently had little effect on the position of the resource:

    • used gadget;
    • geography;
    • behavioral factors;
    • social networks and more.
  3. Expanding the professional horizons of SEOs . A logical conclusion from the previous paragraph. Criteria - a lot and a small cart, which means that a lot affects the effectiveness of promotion, so optimizers are forced to delve into the features of SMM, brand building, e-mail/content marketing, etc.
  4. Complex analytics. We continue the logical chain. It will take much more effort and time to process data even on key parameters that directly affect promotion.
  5. Fight against spam links. At risk, first of all, are large, famous resources that competitors want to harm with incoming links.
  6. Increasing the number of organic searches . Growth will be especially noticeable on mobile devices. Увеличение количества органических запросов
  7. Instant responses in search results. One of the main criteria for sorting sites by robots is an instant solution to the user's problem. Obviously, the increase in the value of a well-configured and compiled snippet for the landing pages of the site.


First, make sure that your site meets the important criteria for a convenient modern resource.

  1. CMS. To the great regret of SEOs, there are also “saber-toothed” resources, on which even the slightest changes are made only via FTP.
  2. Pages are 3 clicks apart. Provided that the site has less than a million pages. Страницы на расстоянии 3 кликов друг от друга
  3. Digestible content. Make sure it suits both your target audience and those who rule over their choice. Often these groups may expect and demand diametrically opposed solutions. A simple example is children and parents.
  4. Fast resource loading. Users and search engines are very demanding in choosing their favorites. All sites, even trendy and fancy ones, are required to load within 4 seconds.
  5. No duplicates! In content and in creating pages optimized for a specific request. One key phrase - one page.

Everything flows, everything changes, including the association of search engine optimization with the trivial purchase of links. Customers who want to get a tangible quality result from the promotion should think about several important aspects.

  1. Making changes to the site. The main thing here is to come to terms with the fact that updating the resource is usually a paid event. At the same time, the update can affect both design and content, as well as functionality. Search engine algorithms are evolving, optimizer tools are improving. A modern and especially a young site must comply with them.
  2. Expanding the list of keywords. You should not get hung up on the same requests, it is wiser to also work out alternative options for “keys” for promotion.
  3. Analytics. The collection of detailed information from various channels will allow you to measure the result of the activities carried out. Аналитика
  4. Serious content marketing. It is a sin to save on it. To promote a brand, write a worthwhile content plan, create really interesting, creative, viral materials, you will need a lot of intellectual, time and costs.

What conclusion can be drawn from all this? SEO is getting stronger, developing and becoming more expensive ;) Real Specialists with a capital "C" must have an enviable store of knowledge in related fields and be able to put them into practice.

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