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Today it is difficult to imagine effective business development without the use of the Internet, which has long and reliably become an integral part of people's lives all over the world. And many of them are engaged in the fact that they sell or buy any goods (services). And it is the Internet that most efficiently copes with the task of increasing sales, which is achieved through powerful online advertising , and the creation of a company website helps to realize it.

It is important not only to attract the attention of the audience, to interest it, but also to encourage them to use services or purchase goods. Internet advertising, website creation in the Webakula studio solve this problem at a high professional level.

The main types of online advertising:

  • Website promotion in search engines
  • contextual advertising
  • banner advertising
  • Placement of text ads on thematic sites
  • Social Marketing (SMO)

Website promotion in search engines is a series of specific actions, the main purpose of which is to bring the site to the first positions in search engine results for certain keywords and phrases. In other words, search promotion makes the site understandable to search robots and provides an influx of visitors to the site.

Contextual advertising is advertising that corresponds to a topic that is currently interesting to a certain circle of users. The most effective way to analyze the interests of users are search engines, where contextual advertising is tied to the thematic queries of users. Thus, this type of advertising is clearly aimed at interested users.

Banner advertising - advertising in the form of a graphic image on the site. Provides a wide coverage of the audience, while performing the functions of image advertising.

Advertising on thematic sites is aimed at attracting a specific target audience. Thematic sites are visited by users connected by common interests and, as a rule, regularly. The result is a wide coverage of the desired audience at a relatively low cost.

Social Marketing – SMO (Social Media Optimization) has been rapidly gaining popularity lately. This is the promotion of the site in social networks, forums, blogs and other communities. Advertising in social networks is able to attract a mass target audience with minimal cash investment.

Each of the above types of advertising is effective in its own way, but the maximum effect can be achieved if all types of advertising are used in combination. In any case, in order for your site to make a profit, you need to work on it regularly and show continuous advertising activity.

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