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What do you know about brand strategy? What do you think, what do Runet users pay more attention to when choosing a company producing goods? Do you already know how to use product personalization to your brand? Can't give clear answers to these questions? It's okay, because we are here, we will tell you about everything :)

Portrait of the average consumer

Портрет среднестатистического потребителя

According to recent studies, the Runet audience has a special psychotype that is different from the Western one, which is not surprising.

  1. Patriotism . Most consumers prefer domestic products to foreign ones when it comes to food, banks, furniture and even jewelry. 50% of respondents believe that in this segment, home country brands better understand their needs and aspirations. At the same time, three out of four buyers will prefer foreign electrical equipment, cars, cosmetics and fashion clothes.
  2. Selectivity . Quality is above all. Yes, according to statistics, 70% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product without flaws and an impeccably provided service.
  3. Windiness . Runet users are very fickle in their addictions to a particular brand. 75% of respondents are constantly trying something new. There will be about 10% of truly loyal customers.
  4. Sociability. It turns out that you and I are more talkative than our counterparts from across the ocean or Western Europe and with great enthusiasm talk about our preferences, and not only on the Internet.

We draw conclusions. Domestic companies should use all their reserves to improve the quality of the product, while foreign companies should use all their reserves to study the mysterious Slavic soul :) Manufacturers must constantly update their product lines in order to keep their potential customer in good shape and not even allow him to think about looking for new products from competitors. Especially relevant for brands that distribute their goods or services on the territory of Ukraine is the direction of SERM (including work with reviews).

Brand personalization

Персонализация бренда

Western marketers have long and successfully used the brand personalization technique to present high-tech, digital and other specific products that are difficult to perceive. For example, a processor for smartphones and tablets, which not all consumers pay attention to when choosing a new gadget, has been turned into a dragon by a Western advertising company. Fast, smart, multi-tasking, cute and friendly "beast" won the hearts of the audience. Consumers have expressed a desire to see the mythical creature in new commercials and even a video game. Brand awareness increased by 28% and was reflected in the rapid growth of search traffic and, of course, in stable sales.

The same methods are used in the service industry. Many brands come up with a corporate hero, endowing him with qualities that are close in spirit to the company's philosophy.

Active introduction of modern technologies

  1. Mobile versions of anything: websites, special applications, advertising. For the harmonious development of the brand and the systematic increase in sales, there is no better means than to keep pace with the growing popularity of wearable gadgets.
  2. Internet video as the basis of advertising campaigns is the right solution for brand promotion. Talented videos have been of great interest to users for several years. It should be noted that potential customers prefer a lot of short and even short videos. At the same time, the effectiveness of videos should be measured not by the number of views, but by the real involvement of consumers.
  3. Solid content marketing using paid and own media channels to create favorable context. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the visualization of information, since in this form the content is better perceived and more readily distributed by users.
  4. Social media continues to help companies expand their reach and win new customers. Particular attention should be paid to relatively new resources, still poorly mastered by brands: Vine, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Pheed, Kik.
  5. E - mail marketing should be aimed at maximum compliance with the needs of potential customers, here you can not do without personalized targeting and unique, individually selected offers.

Man is the basis of all strategies

Человек – основа всех стратегий

It is on the preferences and habits of the consumer, user, beloved client that all successful strategies of famous brands are based. Even if the business is medium, small or very tiny and cannot compete with the mastodons of the domestic market, then this main trend must be taken into account.

Many companies are already trying to win the hearts of those born in the early 90s - the middle of the 2000s, the so-called generation Z. In the near future, brands will focus on them as the economic foundation of their own well-being. For companies whose target audience is already these teenagers, it will not be superfluous to know that the “zeds”:

  • they think for a long time before making a purchase because of their low income;
  • more likely to choose access to the product, rather than the product itself (streaming music, radio, video);
  • do not divide the world into offline and online, because the Internet and digital technologies have long and firmly rooted in their everyday life.

It is necessary to take a closer look at the habits of this generation only because it will be possible to draw up an approximate portrait of a potential client of the future from them.

Advanced companies emphasize the emotional component of brand choice and, accordingly, viral marketing. By appealing to universal human problems and passions, they stimulate the natural dissemination of information about the company. Ideally, advertising of this kind should bring not only utilitarian, but also moral benefits to the client. That is why many companies indirectly promote their products by participating in charity events.

Successful brands operate across several advertising channels at once for a closer, continuous interaction with the client, therefore, to achieve the best effect, you need to use the maximum opportunities.

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