How are TORs for the site compiled?


Как составляются ТЗ для сайта

After comprehensive information about the customer's business has been collected, in order to create an effective website, it is necessary to draw up the terms of reference correctly. What it consists of and for what purposes it is created, we will tell, without hiding anything, in this post.

The main sections of the TOR

We take seriously the preparation and approval of the terms of reference - this is an annex to the contract, which is signed by both parties.

  1. Site tasks . In accordance with the preferences and wishes of the target audience, the main goals of the future resource are clearly defined. In addition to the traditional function of selling goods or services, the site can also:

    • to present the company favorably against the background of competitors;
    • provide comprehensive information about the activities of the enterprise, products / services, contact details;
    • be used to place links to other information resources of the company;
    • maintain feedback with site users, etc. Задачи сайта
  2. General information. Language versions and domain name are specified.
  3. Design . The style of the site, color preferences, the number and list of design layouts developed by the contractor are described in detail.
  4. Layout . The wishes of the customer regarding the display of the site on certain browsers are taken into account. We, for example, typeset for:

    • Internet Explorer version 9.x and higher;
    • Mozilla Firefox version 20.x and above;
    • Opera 12.0 and above;
    • Apple Safari 5.0 and above;
    • Google Chrome 12.0 and above.

    When developing a version of the site for smartphones and tablets, a separate page is drawn and typeset for each screen resolution, which increases the cost of the project. Дизайн и верстка сайта

  5. The menu, it is also the information structure of the site. The number and content of sections is clearly defined. We can say that this is the "skeleton" of the site. Menus are different, but as always, the main thing is convenience.
  6. Through blocks of the site. The elements of the site that are unchanged for all pages are described, for example:

    • hat;
    • footer;
    • input;
    • registration;
    • Search;
    • certificates.
  7. Section functioning. The logic of each element of the resource is explained in detail: what works, how it “drops out”, is hidden, etc. From this section, you can get a clear idea of what the future site will be like.
  8. Site management system requirements . The customer may want a specific CMS for a future resource. The system is selected individually depending on the requirements for the functionality of the site. We work with:

    • wordpress;
    • modx,
    • 1C-Bitrix;
    • own studio - Angry CMS.

What is the technical task for the creation of the site?

TK is a protocol of interaction between the contractor and the customer, which allows:

  • clearly define the required scope of work;
  • identify ways to accomplish project tasks;
  • estimate the time and cost of manufacturing a future resource;
  • avoid misunderstandings by agreeing sanctions for missed deadlines or unfulfilled items on both sides.

For a successful result and creating an effective website, we advise our clients to:

  1. view competitors' websites and test their functionality, borrow something for your resource, improve and supplement something;
  2. add a text description of the pages;
  3. describe complex elements separately;
  4. discuss flowcharts of user actions in the resource interface;
  5. agree on "Wishlist" with the developers, discuss the feasibility of each item.

The terms of reference saves time and nerves for both customers and developers. The more detailed everything is described, the more information about the field of activity and business goals the client provides to the web studio, the better for him and his future resource.

Feel free to make thumbnails of the pages and express your wishes about the functionality of the site. The latter is the most important point in the preparation of estimates and determining the exact timing of the development of the resource. How exactly the functionality affects the cost of the site, we will discuss in the next article of our blog.

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