How to make money from the site

Осень - пора делать сайт!

Despite popular wisdom, the site can be done at any time of the year. And the site also brings profit, regardless of the calendar.

The company's website is, first of all, a powerful advertising tool that brings customers and makes a profit. In this article, we will look at how you can make a profit from the site, what are the possible schemes and ways to monetize the resource, and how soon it's time to "count the chickens". So, first you need to make a good site (of course, these are developed in the Webakula studio). Further, depending on how quickly you seek to generate income from your site, we offer you the following options: Now let's take a closer look at each method of online advertising.

contextual advertising

Your contextual ads will be seen by users of Google and Yandex search engines. In the figure, we highlighted the contextual advertising blocks in Google in red. контекстная реклама в Google In the following figure, we highlighted the contextual advertising blocks in Yandex in red. Контекстная реклама в Яндексе Benefits of contextual advertising:
  • your offers will be seen only by those visitors who want to see your ad at a particular moment in time;
  • you have the opportunity to track what interested each visitor to your site;
  • you pay only for real visitors to your site who are interested in your offer;
  • contextual advertising is launched within 24 hours, so advertising starts working for you within a day from the date of payment.
The price of contextual advertising for one search engine is 600 UAH . Try it and you will see that it works.

Advertising in social networks

A very useful type of advertising if your target audience is social media users. A must-have Internet marketing tool for well-known brands, large companies. Banner advertising is possible here, as well as promotion of groups, maintaining groups. Check out our social media promotion services .

Website promotion

The result of site promotion is its output on the first page of search engine results. The following figure shows the TOP 10 Google searches. Результат раскрутки сайта в Google We offer website promotion services in Google and Yandex search engines. According to statistics, the Google search engine in Ukraine is used by 65% of Internet users, Yandex - 30%, other search engines - 5%. Benefits of a promoted site:
  • your offers are seen only by those visitors who are interested in them at a given time;
  • you have the opportunity to track what interested each visitor to your site;
  • your site does not disappear from search results as soon as you run out of advertising funds, unlike contextual advertising;
  • quick payback of the budget spent on website promotion.
But on the other side:
  • you have to wait for the results of site promotion, as a rule, the minimum term for bringing the site to the top 10 is 1 month;
  • after the site is brought to the top 10, the achieved positions of the site need support.
Nevertheless, site promotion is a more profitable event from a financial point of view than constant contextual advertising. However, we also know examples where the opposite happens. Each case is unique and professional advice is needed to make a decision.

And how do site visitors turn into customers?

Very simple. After all, you have a good site (of course, made in the Webakula studio), so everything on it is good and correct. And that's why customers call you and order your products and services. You count the money that customers bring to you and you are doing great ..

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