Infographics for business - use it correctly

Инфографика для бизнеса – используем правильно

Useful, sometimes complex, but interesting information contained in a multi-character text format is unlikely to be read by the maximum possible percentage of the site's audience. Only the most interested, brave and desperate people read impressive arrays of text, c'est la vie :) Whether it's pictures, we love and respect them since childhood, today we'll talk about the functions and high purpose of infographics.

We have already discussed the meaning of the term, features and advantages earlier , so now we will move to a selfish-pragmatic plane. Let's try to figure out in which cases there is a reason to use infographics, and what you can get in return for your efforts to visualize information and data.

Who needs an infographic?

Yes to everyone! Infographics are as trendy as flat design, responsive layout or Parallax Scrolling. You can safely resort to its magical properties if you want:

  • declare yourself, company or brand;
  • tell about the advantages of the company;
  • explain the production process;
  • to acquaint potential customers with areas of activity and services;
  • share research results;
  • talk about your achievements;
  • advertise your business;
  • improve the company's online image.

In any of these cases, infographics will help to explain complex processes in a simple, visual and intelligible way, show where crayfish hibernate, how the universe works and how much it costs. In other words, the topics can be very different. For distribution on social networks, it is not necessary to prepare infographics about the activities of the company, you can conduct research on a related topic, while not forgetting about humor, conciseness, facts and a modest note about the copyright of your company.

The nuances of developing infographics

To design an interesting, effective infographic, define it:

  • tasks;
  • target audience;
  • idea.

The correct formulation of the question is half the battle, and the most detailed answer is the right path to the success and popularity of your visually informative brainchild.

Infographics has become a commonplace on the Internet, so in order not to slip into "hack-work" and not get lost among competitors, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Informativeness. No matter how talented and memorable the design is, if your product does not carry any useful information, then it will not be interesting to the audience. Информативность
  2. visibility. Use graphs, charts, diagrams and other graphic forms of data presentation. Наглядность
  3. Originality. Try to present even the most boring, confusing and difficult to rethink topic in an unusual format. Оригинальность
  4. Captivating subject matter. Little-studied, interesting and complex topics will undoubtedly be in favor. Захватывающая тематика

Benefits of using infographics

Infographics directly related to the activities of the company can and should be placed on the corporate website, so you will convincingly convey your message and, as a bonus, you are guaranteed to improve the behavioral factors and conversion of your site. Witty and vividly visualized information takes much longer to consider and revise than texts or even photographs and pictures.

Using social media infographics with information that is interesting to a wide audience, you can turn it into a powerful tool for building an established positive brand association.

A relatively new and at the same time very effective format is video infographics. Functions, spheres of influence and methods of distribution are similar to the classic version, but at the same time, this type of data visualization has its own canons and specific rules for creating.

The competition for the attention of the audience on the Internet is becoming more and more sophisticated every year. New ways to gain the trust of potential customers are quickly becoming familiar Internet marketing tools. Keep up with the times, use infographics, because this is not just a part of content marketing, but also an effective way to build a strategy for close visual communication with the client.

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