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internet marketing 2016 The new year always starts with predictions. And it's not just about boring horoscopes. In every industry, from fashion to internet marketing, interesting new products and special trends emerge. So what can you expect from online promotion? What technologies will provide the greatest success?


content 2016 A third of the top marketers announced that content will become the main tool for promotion. After all, it can be used to influence consumers, to ensure their trust. Give the reader useful content - and he will soon grow into a consumer, buying goods and services from you that he trusts, that he knows so much about thanks to a well -designed content strategy .

This channel of communication should be used correctly. First, you need to find out what kind of information dissemination method is suitable for the target audience. Let it be a blog, a webinar, an e-mail newsletter . With them, your main goal is realized: conveying useful information to the consumer.

An interested reader will not only buy, but also bring others - he will become a “brand advocate”, telling his friends how interesting and great it is with you.

The importance of unique content is also noted by Google. Here they say that pages with duplicate content cannot get to the top lines of the issue. Copy-paste has no place in the TOP. Content should be useful, interesting, captivating, and also meaningful. After all, no matter how many cute cats are reposted from your page, sales are unlikely to increase from this.

Mobile Marketing

Today, Google is already evaluating how a particular resource is compatible with mobile devices. This year, the largest corporations expect a sharp increase in the popularity of mobile marketing.

But this Internet marketing trend is only gaining momentum, which means that those who follow it first will be in the TOP.

Content Visualization

Content Visualization Those pages where there is not only something to read, but also something to look at, are more popular with users. And this difference is noticeable - according to statistics, articles supplemented with photos are chosen by more than 90% of users.

A complex text, complemented by clear infographics, will attract more attention of users, because it is perceived more efficiently.

This trend is aimed at popularizing visual content services. For example, Instagram, which has gathered an audience of 150 million people, allowed the display of advertising six months ago.

Visual content becomes one with textual content - a copywriter and a designer work together on each article and section.

Social networks

Social networks 2016 Domestic companies move more effectively on Facebook and VKontakte. But there is also:

  • OK (Odnoklassniki);
  • (My World);
  • LinkedIn business network;
  • Instagram; Pinterest
  • Google+.

Even if the benefits of brand promotion in one of these networks are not obvious at the moment, this does not mean that the niche should be closed as ineffective. In fact, the popularity of social networks is growing, as is the number of newly registered users. And the active promotion of brands in social networks makes it possible to receive not only new customers, but also pleasant bonuses from the creators of the sites.

Web analytics

Web Analytics 2016 Huge advertising budgets explain the need for constant analytical support. Most firms use Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics. To collect information to the maximum, it is worth using these two services at the same time.

It should be remembered that these systems are constantly updated. But not all companies use the new functionality. Paradoxically, the multichannel sequence report has been available for five years, but is rarely used in practice. Google Tag Manager (GTM), a system that allows you to manage tracking codes without a programmer, has been operating for more than a year, but only 45% of companies use its capabilities.

But there is information that is not collected by default. For example, reports by age and gender are optionally included and preconfigured.

Lead generation

Advertising is placed with payment for actions - this is the point of the CPA system. It cannot be called a market novelty, but its popularity is still low. The main market trends indicate that it is lead generation that will become the main advertising product. By the way, today it is actively used only in the banking industry and in large online stores.

Search engine optimization, SEO

SEO Trends They have been trying to bury this direction for a long time, and some constantly assure of its failure. Today, a big transformation is really expected: mass purchases of links have sunk into oblivion. But now internal optimization is important.

The link budget will have to be redirected to managing behavioral factors and social signals.

RTB Technology

This technology involves placing advertising banners targeting a specific audience on the basis of an auction. The effectiveness of this method of promotion is very high - it is not for nothing that large Western European brands spend up to 20% of their advertising budget on this method.

But RTB systems are really expensive to develop and maintain. But even despite this, major players in the media market predict that by the end of the year, 10% of our advertising will be occupied by RTB.

Geolocation advertising

This is a tool for geo-dependent businesses. Today it is not very popular, but interest in such technology is expected to grow. Such ads are created for mobile applications and are linked to an address - these can be geolocation or mapping services, social networks, contextual advertising with address targeting.

Video advertising

Video advertising One of the most powerful trends. This is evidenced by the increasing popularity of YouTube - today it is the second largest social network. Google also joined the trend, showing videos on the topic in the search results. Auctions are also expected to apply in this area.

At the same time, a real boom in video content is expected in the second half of the year, because until the summer the companies will “swing”, studying new market conditions.

The volume of the video advertising market is predicted to increase by 1.4 times by the end of the year.

Top news

Now the Google system will also rank mobile applications. Moreover, the content of applications will be indexed, and information from them can be obtained directly in the search bar, bypassing the download.

The coming era of generation Z, ignoring advertising, but looking for information. Therefore, the content should be as interesting and accessible as possible - even from voice search engines.

Experts advise marketing teams to prepare for constant change. The market is ready to move in accordance with user preferences in the content consumed. Therefore, advertising should be flexible, adaptive, interesting.

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