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Are you the owner of an online store or corporate website? Your sales are meager, and competitors are raking in money with a shovel, thereby preventing you from sleeping peacefully? Then we're coming to you ;) The essence of the Webakula audit is a detailed analysis of your site , aimed at improving its performance.

Бесплатный аудит сайта

From September 25, 2013 to March 1, 2014, we conducted a promotional free audit of the site, during which 76 resources were analyzed by the Webakula team. In most cases, site owners listened to our recommendations for improving usability, design, and website promotion strategies and put them into practice, which had a positive impact on sales in the future. The results of the audit, as before, are partially published in the section of our blog "Analysis of heats".

We check everything carefully.

  • Website design and usability.
  • Content.
  • SEO metrics.
  • Leads.

Reviewing the sites of competitors and industry leaders will allow you to determine the advantages of effective resources that can be adopted for your site.

We answer the most important questions

  1. What factors of Internet marketing determine the existing volume of sales and search queries?
  2. Why are site visitors not generating leads as planned?
  3. How and what needs to be finalized and improved on the site to increase conversion?

We will propose a strategy for improving the resource

  • Goals
  • Timing
  • Works

The results of the analytics will be presented to the site owners in the form of a pdf document, which is also a call and a guide to action.

Order site analysis

Site analysis, like a scheduled inspection of a ship, must be carried out regularly and without fail, otherwise the inevitable deterioration of systems, faded paint and a lazy crew will turn it into an abandoned rusty ship. If you are the captain of your “ship”, then a site audit will help you keep the course for profit and success. We highly recommend ordering an audit every six months. You are still thinking, and we are already analyzing your competitor's website and helping him sell more.

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