Special signs of YOUR online shopper

Особые приметы ВАШЕГО интернет-покупателя

Wanted: buyer of online stores, age and height - average, no special signs. Well, who is looking for it? According to these signs, you can find as many people as you like, but "a lot" does not always mean "good." What do you know about YOUR customer? Meanwhile, information about it will be very useful for you and your business. Let's try to narrow down the search and see the special features of YOUR online shopper.

We draw up a protocol

You, of course, could not lose sight of the fact that the above 3 words were not written without the participation of the Caps Lock key, all this for a reason. For targeting advertising in social networks, e-mail mailings and media planning, careful selection of the target consumer is comparable in severity only to natural selection. The owner of an online store must also know his buyer "by sight".

Who, when, how and why buy your products? Having answered these questions, you can proceed to the analysis of products, and offer, offer, offer customers more and more new products, but let's not get ahead of ourselves;)

Collecting evidence

Internet shoppers are notorious for their taciturn nature, but some information can still be “extracted” from them through questionnaires or inquiries on statistics collection resources. Without standard questions, we still won’t be able to narrow down the circle of “suspects”, so they will have to be asked. In addition to the already mentioned age and gender, depending on the direction of your business, you can clarify with the buyer:

  • geography;
  • education;
  • marital status;
  • income level;
  • profession;
  • interests;
  • hobby.

The list goes on, but keep in mind that we have already discussed in one of our previous posts on the topic of online shopping desires. Users can completely ignore the questionnaires or “give false testimony”, so dopos should be carried out in a dosed manner, without pressure on a potential regular customer of your online store.

Remember that you have, have been and will have a license to use non-replaceable weapons - site statistics. With this indispensable tool, you can also learn a lot about your customers:

  • sources of referrals to the site;
  • time spent on the site;
  • used software;
  • search queries, etc.

All of the above data will help build not only an online store promotion strategy, but also a customer relationship scheme (development of promotions and special offers, loyalty systems).


Поиски ВАШЕГО интернет-покупателя

As a result, we come to an unexpected conclusion: not only you, but also your buyer must have comprehensive information about your business and product:

  • photos, schemes of goods;
  • description of functions, technical characteristics of the product;
  • possible options for color solutions and sizes (dimensions);
  • terms and cost of delivery;
  • information about the availability of goods;
  • certificates, guarantees, maintenance;
  • the possibility of returning the goods;
  • additional accessories.

An important point: most often, before looking at your site or, in principle, looking for an online store, users browse sites with reviews about specific models or types of goods in blogs, forums, etc. Make sure that your resource not only contains all possible information about products, but also has the opportunity to rate and leave reviews about your products. Users also really like the detailed, lavishly illustrated reviews that highlight the features, advantages, and disadvantages of using the product.


Gathering as much information as you need is half the battle. It is also necessary to prepare a bait for future customers, keep them on the site and stimulate the purchase. Shopaholics are a very rare, semi-mythical type of buyer, and besides, every year consumers become more selective in their preferences. Therefore, it is better to focus on the norm + collected data about the target audience of your resource (read: potential consumers of online store products).

Take action! Stimulate the interest of both regular customers and new customers in various ways: promotions and discounts, detailed announcements of new products, increasing the prestige of the brand and / or online store, loyalty programs, especially since now you already know who your efforts will be directed to.

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