The most important performance indicators for the owner of an online store


Важнейшие показатели эффективности для владельца интернет-магазина

Everyone dreams of a constant positive increase in traffic and orders on their own resource. To achieve this cherished goal, it is necessary to periodically monitor the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the resource - key factors that demonstrate the dynamics of business development. Let's discuss the parameters that you should pay attention to first.

When considering any statistics, the owner of an online store should ask himself two questions.

  1. What are the goals of the site?
  2. What can be considered an indicator of success?


Трафик на сайт

It is necessary to analyze the number of users on the site for several time periods: day, week, month. The data obtained will show the moments of bursts and drops in attendance, will help to determine their causes, as well as adjust the marketing strategy.

Monitoring of competitors' sites (open statistics counters can be installed on their resources) will give a general idea of the attendance of sites of a certain segment. Based on the data obtained, you can set goals for your own site - a specific number of visitors.

Traffic sources are important for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of potential customer acquisition channels:

  • social networks;
  • SEO;
  • contextual advertising, etc.

It is necessary to track the return of each marketing tool in terms of the number of orders and involved users. More effective channels should be allocated more budget and vice versa. Try to optimize less effective sources, increase their value for online business.

Views of certain sections and pages

Which pages are most popular, how often they are visited and when. Product preferences of potential customers are designed to open your eyes to the effectiveness of their interaction with the site. For example, users do not find sections with promotional products and sales. Perhaps the point is in the illogical architecture and inconvenient navigation of the resource. Think about it, try to abstract and put yourself in the place of the user. Is everything clear and simple? Not? Well, it means it's time to make a redisan - to create a separate section with special offers, noticeable and attractive to visitors.

Number of pages viewed and time spent on the site

Количество просмотренных страниц и время пребывания на сайте

These two indicators are interconnected, they reflect the degree of convenience of the site. Confusing navigation and slow section loading speeds can result in a high bounce rate. For the sake of the reliability of the analysis, it is important to take into account the number of goods in the order and the volume of the assortment. The higher these values, the longer the time visitors spend on the site, going to many pages. The specifics of the product must also be taken into account; it can take a matter of seconds to make a decision to buy an inexpensive consumer product.

Exit pages

Страницы выхода с сайта

When and where do users decide to leave the site? On the pages with the price of goods? In the basket? On the mandatory registration page prior to order completion? The low conversion of certain pages can be due to various factors. The main thing is to understand the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible and effectively.

Buyer's "cost"

Calculating income is as easy as shelling pears: you need to subtract advertising costs from the profit indicator. Got a negative number? Captain Evidence would say that your business is not up to par, but we will not say this, but will immediately move on to advice :) You will be helped by:

  • reduction of the advertising budget;
  • refusal of certain channels to attract visitors;
  • optimization of advertising campaigns.

Average check

We consider the indicator - the income from sales for a certain period is divided by the number of orders. Of course, the higher the number, the better. You can increase the average check in various ways: by offering related products in the cart, using retargeting or e-mail marketing, stimulating customer interest with free shipping or discounts for a purchase of a certain amount.

Abandoned carts

We devoted a separate article to the reasons for this phenomenon, and the fight against low cart conversions is another opus in our blog. For everyone who is too lazy to follow links and read a lot of letters, here we will mention some valuable tips.

  1. Check your cart as often as possible.
  2. Simplify the ordering process as much as possible.
  3. Implement new ideas to optimize checkout.
  4. Use email marketing and remarketing to bring visitors back to your site and encourage them to make a purchase.

Visitors who returned to the site

Вернувшиеся на сайт посетители

The old-timers of the Ecomerce market should have a high return rate, it indicates the interest of the target audience. Attractive loyalty programs and expansion of the assortment will help return visitors to the site. A small percentage of returns can be observed at online stores specializing in durable goods (real estate, cars, etc.)

All of the above should be reviewed and reviewed as often as possible. Compare indicators for previous periods, test innovations on the site, do not be afraid to change and try, developing your own recipe for success.

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