When to start website promotion?


Когда начинать продвижение сайта

In the tram race, the winner is the one who left the depot first, and with the promotion of sites - the sooner work on SEO optimization begins, the faster the resource will get to the top. Why this happens and what measures need to be taken in the first place, we will tell in today's opus.

Influence of site age on its positions in search

To effectively promote a site in search engines, it will take time and, moreover, considerable time. At the primitive stage of SEO development, promoting a site was easier than boiled turnips. By registering a resource in directories, it was already possible to reap the benefits in the form of tangible material results, and no wonder, because the competition at that time was less fierce. With the change in the balance of power, the methods of promotion have also changed. Resources that have existed for more than a year enjoy more authority than young ones.

"Mature" sites are especially valued by Yandex, since for it the age of the resource is equivalent to the age of the business and indicates the stability of the company. The search engine, encouraging old-timers, at the same time protects users from one-day offices.

A site younger than 1 year old can also take a leading position in Yandex thanks to the so-called trusted external links, systematic filling with interesting unique content and a set of internal optimization works.

It is possible to predict the approximate timing of promotion only if there is experience in promoting a resource in a similar topic.

Naturally, not all ancient sites are guaranteed to get into the top. Leaders of search results with experience, in order to keep up with the times, certainly periodically redesigned, carried out work on optimization, promotion, advertising, filling and improving the usability of the resource.

An older site, all other things being equal, can get into the top for any query with less money and effort, since Yandex a priori considers it authoritative.

Recommendations for the promotion of young sites

Owners of young sites should forget about the long box and the function of postponing all costly, complex and time-consuming work into it. Already at the design stage, several important factors should be taken into account, without which the optimization and promotion of the site becomes almost impossible.

The CMS of the site must necessarily allow:

  • place seo-text on the main page, in the categories of the product catalog and other landing pages;
  • prescribe meta tags;
  • automatically generate the correct sitemap + other technical issues of a SEO nature.

These factors are responsible for the convenience, safety and relevance of the modern resource. After completing the site creation, before launching the resource and opening it for indexing, you need to proceed to internal optimization:

  • domain registration;
  • selection of the semantic core;
  • installation of analytics systems;
  • writing and filling the site with high-quality content;
  • the presence of headings h1 - h6 and lists in the texts of the site;
  • filling in meta tags for images and texts;
  • correct 301 redirects;
  • cnc url including keywords.

Website optimization consists of an infinite number of types of work and nuances that must be observed in order for the site to appeal to search engines.

A significant increase in traffic to a young resource in Yandex can be observed at least six months after its creation, but only on the condition that during this period the site will develop in every possible way. Do not sit idly by, add new pages and useful information to the site, order contextual advertising , improve usability indicators and others like them. In addition, competent optimization will allow a fresh site to gradually increase its position in the search results for low-frequency queries over the same 6 months.

It is advisable to start promotion for high-frequency queries after the first year of the life of the resource, if it is not a site with a large number of pages. For online stores, traffic promotion is recommended.

First of all, the resource must be registered in popular directories and provide an exchange of links with resources of similar topics. Next, you need to act slowly and carefully, gradually purchasing eternal links, quoting site materials in social networks and thematic forums with a large audience. Having provided the initial link mass in this way, you can gradually increase the volume of purchased external links. Otherwise, the risk of significantly inflating the budget for promotion or falling under the filter increases.

Our recommendations are not unfounded. In our practice, there were many successful cases when a site specializing in seasonal products was promoted in advance. One of them we described in our blog.

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