Effective graphic design

Эффективный графический дизайн

The mass of information that surrounds us every minute and omnipresent has developed a new reflex skill in modern man - to filter Internet noise and not pay attention to advertising. According to recent studies, 30% of the population likes advertising on the Internet and its street counterpart. This figure is three times higher than in the case of commercials on TV or radio. The decision to reject or accept any information comes almost instantly, the choice is often made on an intuitive-subconscious level, automatically. However, it can and should be influenced.

Good design not only significantly increases the chances of a message being noticed, but also organizes its content into a clear logical sequence that can hold the attention of a potential client.

Spheres of influence of graphic design

Graphic design is comprehensive and multifaceted, not for nothing that one of its names is viscom (short for "visual communicator"). It solves a huge range of tasks and covers all areas of human activity related to visual perception, including:

  • typography;
  • fonts and calligraphy;
  • design of postage stamps, postcards, calendars, brochures, booklets, posters, DVDs, books;
  • package design , covers, labels;
  • various types of orientation systems (pictograms);
  • corporate identity (brandbooks, signs, logos );
  • visual solutions for the media (TV shows, newspapers, etc.);
  • computer software;
  • web design .

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Of course, there are no universal recipes for design solutions for all branches of its application. A serious catch lies in the fact that techniques and methods that are effective in one situation will not necessarily work in another. For example, a large white space around an advertisement can make it stand out from the rest and grab the reader's attention. The opposite is true: too wide margins in a newsletter make the document loose and unattractive, casting doubt on the value of the information reported in it.

A beautifully designed work cannot be created without a deep understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design. To create and successfully implement a concept, professional designers and advertising specialists use not only their special flair, suggesting what exactly, where and why should be placed, for example, on product packaging. These experts in their work take into account research data on psychology, sociology, cultural studies, economics and marketing, which lift the veil of secrecy about the behavior and preferences of the target audience.

Graphic design by Webakula

We have everything necessary to create a successful design: the flexibility of an inquisitive mind, love for experiments and innovations, confidence in our vision of the subject, increased attention. For Webakula, effective design is always a process, not an end result.

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