We conduct an SEO audit of the site - part three


Проводим SEO-аудит сайта – часть третья

Links, it's all about links! Who wants some links? In the final (true-true) part of the SEO analysis, we'll take a closer look at traffic, and internal and external links. Make yourself comfortable, the conversation will be serious, but interesting.


Посещаемость сайта

For further advancement, it is important to know the percentage of traffic sources to the site, including:

  1. search engines, according to queries entered by users, which in turn are divided into separate categories;

    • branded traffic (queries with the name of the company, for example, “creation of Webakula sites”);
    • commercial requests - "site promotion", "seo promotion Kharkiv";
    • contextual advertising ;
    • the domain name in the request is “webakula.ua”, “portfolio webakula.ua”.
  2. direct transitions;
  3. social network;
  4. browser bookmarks;
  5. external sites.

In an effort to increase brand queries, and hence increase the level of company recognition, we should not forget about the good old search. Commercial traffic should introduce the new brand to people who do not know anything about it.

During SEO analysis, it is necessary to take into account the devices from which the resource is visited, as well as the bounce rate. In practice, we have repeatedly observed an increased interest in the site from users of mobile devices. Moreover, if the site is not adapted for smartphones and tablets, the bounce rate usually goes off scale.

Outbound links

Исходящие ссылки

Links are important for any site, let's start with outgoing links. They can really spoil the reputation of the resource if they lead to low-quality sites.

In principle, you can link to any site by pre-writing the rel="nofollow" attribute in the <href> tag, which prohibits search engines from following this link.

For an SEO audit, it is also important to check the site for so-called broken links; this can be done using the Link Checker service from the W3C.

Incoming links

Backlinks should become less important for promotion in the future, but while they work, you need to consider their quality and density.

Обратные ссылки

To determine the number of trust and other backlinks, whether referring sites are thematically equivalent to the analyzed resource, you can use various services:

  • Yandex.Webmaster;
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Open Site Explorer;
  • Majestic SEO;
  • Ahrefs.

Links from low-quality donor sites should be removed. Search engines automatically consider a resource of poor quality if it is linked to from low-grade sites and vice versa. Naturally, links from resources from the same industry will be a big plus.

Link mass recruitment should be as natural as possible, with good, smooth positive growth dynamics, without sudden drops.

In the figure below, you can see sharp jumps and drops in the link profile of the domain, which can lead to the imposition of sanctions on the site from search engines and, as a result, a drop in traffic and subsidence of positions.

Неверные набор ссылочной массы

Below is a graph with an organic increase in link mass.

Ссылочный профиль с постоянной позитивной динамикой

Accuracy of actions and constant replenishment of links to the promoted resource will not arouse suspicion among robots. For competent promotion of the site, a sharp cessation of the purchase of links, and then the same rapid replenishment of them is undesirable.

Результат SEO-аудита сайта

The goal of an SEO audit is to make a website recognizable, attractive and authoritative for search engines while improving its usability. As a result, the resource becomes user-friendly, traffic increases, and sales grow.

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