CMS Jooma: no more guessing what type of extension you want to install
Basically, all sites created on the Joomla content management system (cms) use certain extensions. As you yourself guessed, the word "Extensions" means: components, modules and add-ons.
Interested in creating a website? Price lower than competitors
For those who are planning to create a website , the price is largely an indicator of its quality and complexity. However, it is impossible to definitely name the price without studying the scope of the customer's activities, his competitive environment. The site is created for specific purposes and requirements. In other words, the resource is developed individually for each customer and the price depends on the components of the future site and the complexity of their implementation.
Order the creation and promotion of the site - get a discount!
Festive discounts for the creation and promotion of the site are offered by the Webakula studio in Kharkov. Today, the site is an additional, and most importantly, affordable opportunity for successful sales of products or services, as well as providing all the necessary information. Having a website has turned from an image attribute of a company into a necessity. Whatever the company does.
Creation of good websites in Webakula studio
What does "good" mean in the field of website development? Webakula Studio believes that the creation of good sites is the creation of sites with an attractive appearance, intuitive navigation, user-friendly interface. The content on such sites is easily perceived, the visitor does not think where to look for what information - everything is clear and accessible.
Order the creation of a business card website in the Webakula studio
Creating a business card site is the creation of an Internet site, usually consisting of several web pages that contain key information about the company, products, prices, and contact information. A business card website is a great way to present your organization online. Such a site succinctly but effectively recommends your company and its products. Do not underestimate the value of a business card site for developing companies, because the site is an effective tool that helps to achieve success and prosperity.