From the history of "folders"
The concepts of "directory" and "catalog" have long been a thing of the past. In a fairly short period of time, the symbol "folder" eclipsed the term itself, which was intended to denote.
Creation of a turnkey website - creation and promotion of a website
A turnkey website ("All Inclusive") is an integrated approach to creating a website. In other words, a turnkey website is a fully finished product in working condition. By choosing the service " Create a site on a turnkey basis ", you will not be bothered by unnecessary problems regarding the stages of development and promotion of the future site.
How to effectively attract buyers?
Attracting buyers and customers to your company is becoming increasingly difficult. Competition in all areas is growing, and buyers are becoming more demanding and demanding. What are you using today? Active sales, distribution of leaflets, placement of outdoor advertising or advertising in newspapers and magazines? Are these methods not as effective in attracting customers as you would like them to be?
Internet structure. Where is the main internet server located?
Have you ever wondered where is the main server of the Internet, alpha hosting ? Or, who is the master of the Internet? Now, probably, most readers will laugh and say that the Internet cannot have any owner, since the Internet is just an association of many computers and other network devices.
Create a website in Kharkov
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